“Ms. Feral was giving 110% to my case. She was tireless, and very persistent on details. She knows her stuff! Throughout my ordeal, she remained calm and coached me and my family. We could not have pulled through without her.”

Tireless and Compassionate, Tatiana

“I hired Rosaline to assist me with getting visitation rights with my son. Rosaline always return my calls, she sets up an appointments when needed, and she is always there to offer help. Roseline filed my court papers in a timely manner and is great and easy to work with. I would highly recommended Rosaline to anyone that is looking for a good lawyer.”

Best Lawyer in Town, Marco

“Blessed to have her as my Attorney helped me win a very important case she made it work did her job on point i would recommend her to anyone.”

Excellent Work, Sabreen
“My son was charged with several drug related offenses. We consulted several attorneys, all male, who seemed not concerned in convincing me to give them $15,000. Ms. Feral spent a lot of time and seemed genuinely interested in helping us. She charged us only $10,000 initially. When she settled the case early with a great result she actually returned $2,500. She is so honest and dedicated to her clients. She is an excellent lawyer and I recommend her without hesitation.”
Tough and Highly Respected Advocate, Anonymous
I first met Ms Feral as the Attorney for the citizen for whom I was advocating. Over the course of 17 months I observed her Courtroom manner, peer respect, knowledge of the law, interaction with Client/Court and advocacy. Through her tenacity and knowledge we were able to receive a very positive outcome and provide a worthy citizen of a second chance. Five years since, her Client has conducted himself as a law abiding member of the Community. I highly recommend Ms. Feral in any criminal defense situation. If I’m ever in trouble with the law, she is the first person I would call. Try her, you wont be disappointed.
Community Advocate for Justice, Harold
“Roseline Feral is our family attorney. More than once, we have needed her services. In each instance, we were more than pleased with her results. She is knowledgeable and professional. She communicated frequently and clearly about the status of the cases. With our little involvement, she made sure all necessary actions were handled to completion. Because of her expert skills, she was able to reduce court fees to less than expected. She is an excellent attorney. I would confidently refer any of my friends to her if they were in need of her services.”
Fights Like a Bull Dog, Anonymous

“I had hired Roseline after being referred to her by a friend she represented who got the lowest possible punishment for his first DUI. I had got a drinking out of a glass container ticket at the stadium and was told there was no chance to get out of paying that one. Anyway, I told her there were barely any signs up and were none where we had parked in any direction. You would have thought it was a murder trial for how serious she took my case. She was so professional and nice and felt like she took my minor ticket like it was the only case she was doing. She had me gather some evidence from the stadium and was so organized with everything we had to do to win. the officer ended up showing up which meant I was pretty much screwed. However she found a way to get the ticket waived and I was amazed! So basically if you have a case you don’t think you have a chance to win hire Roseline because she was perfect.”

Amazing Lawyer Had a 350 Dollar Ticket Waived, David
“As a (CEO) of the company for 25 years ,I have hired very many attorneys and this is the first time I have watched and seen a law firm listen to your case first and then make arrangement for my case,then ask for the payments after, and on top of that her suggestion and recommendation was right on the money. This is no joke, it’s a fact.”
Civil Case, Fred
“Last September my family and I contacted Mrs. Feral regarding a legal matter that took place outside the state of California. Her work load at the time didn’t allow her to make the trip out of state but she agreed to advise us and help screen legal representation. Mrs. Feral worked during her off hours reviewing our legal paper work and even made time during her normal work hours to conduct a 3-way phone interview with an out of state attorney. We are so grateful for all her advise and support during this difficult time. Without Mrs. Feral the whole process would have been much more stressful and costly. Her service and professionalism was extremely helpful and I’m not sure we could have done this without her help.”
Guided us Through an out of State Legal Situation, Nichola
“Roseline Feral has provided legal services for my son over the years. She has always responded quickly to my urgent call…which is extremely important to a person confronted with legal problems. I have always found her to be very knowledgeable and highly trustworthy. You feel a sense of “safety” working with her. We communicated sufficiently so that there were no surprises. All of our legal problems have be resolved by the courts and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney in her area.”
Client, Harriette

“I had the pleasure of working with Roseline during the Temporary Restraining Order fraudulently imposed on me by my ex wife. I found her to be extremely professional, prompt in her communications with me, always called back, and most important, gave sound legal advice that made sense even to me. In fact, she went way above and beyond my expectations. Dealing with the relentless paperwork, discussions with my ex, and representation in the courtroom, her outcomes were second to none. The TRO was ultimately dismissed! I give my strongest recommendation for her to represent you, you will not be disappointed.”

Representation, Bob